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Endowed with pristine beauty and a deep rooted past, Karnal is a prominent city in Haryana. This quaint city lures travellers from all walks of life throughout the year.

Tomb of Kalander Shah

This tomb was constructed by Ghias-ud-din, the Sultan of Delhi, to honour Bo-Ali-Qualander Shah. A mosque built by Emperor Alamgiris also in its periphery.

Karnal Lake

An artificial lake enveloping an island, it is a popular tourist attraction. Many visitors are seen boating here. It also has water fun park.

Cantonment Church Tower

This historical monument dates back to 1806, when a British regiment was set up in Karnal. It is managed by the Archaeological Survey of India.


Situated along the famed Grand Trunk Road, Karna Lake is said to be the place where Karna, the iconic character of Mahabharata, bathed, and donated gold every day.


The site where the epic battle of Mahabharata took place, Kurukshetra reflects the historical myth of the Kaurauvas and Pandavas. This is a prominent pilgrimage center and a tourist attraction, and has the Tirupati Balaji Mandir.

Village Tour

Get ready for an engaging rendezvous with the customs, traditions and lifestyle of the local inhabitants as we take you on a riveting village tour.


The city is a well know linen & textile hub. An old historical city famous for three battles of panipat.