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Planning to visit Karnal ? Here's an exclusive guide for things to do in Karnal, a quaint & picturesque town that definitely should be on your travel list.
things to do in Karnal, Hotel in Karnal
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Here’s why Karnal should be on your travel list!

Karnal is a city in Haryana that serves as the district headquarters for the Karnal district. The city and district are known for their tourism attractions and antiquities. It is about a three-hour journey from Delhi and is located on National Highway 1. Karnal should be at the top of your travel list if you enjoy discovering and learning about ancient places and artifacts. In addition to being a major research centre, it is also famous for many landmarks such as the Kos Minar, Kalander Shah’s tomb, the Karan Tal, and Babar’s Masjid, which are some of North India’s most well-known tourist spots to be visited. Here are some famous things to do in Karnal.

  • Visit Karnal lake 


Karna Lake is a prominent tourist destination in Haryana’s Karnal district. The lake, also known as Karna Tal, is particularly beautiful around sunset and a must-visit location. The best time to see Karna Lake is between October and March. During these months, the weather is exceptionally good, providing a great setting for a picnic by the lake. 


  • Step in the most famous golfing location- Karnal golf course


Source:- netindian

This golf course is the greatest place to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. This is one of the most well-known international golfing venues in the country, situated on the banks of the Yamuna Canal.

  •  Kick back and rejuvenate at Atal park

Source:- local guide connect

Karnal’s Atal Park is located in Sector 8 of the city. It contains an open-air gym, a beautiful lily pond, a few fountains that light up with LED lights at night, and a children’s playground, so it can meet the demands of people of all ages.

  • Go on a village tour

Source:- karnal gov

As we take you on a fascinating village tour, prepare for an engaging    encounter with the locals’ customs, traditions, and way of life.

  • Plan a visit to Panipat city and explore about linen and textile industries. Also known for the old historical city and for the three Panipat battles.

Source:- 360 in india

You’re probably wondering where you can go to see all of these great sights. For you, Noor Mahal is the best hotel in Karnal to stay. The sumptuous majesty of the era of Indian maharajas is reflected in Noor Mahal Palace, which features an amazing combination of elements inspired by classical Mughal and Rajputana schools of architecture. Enjoy fantastic service, surrounding activities, engaging amenities, and more when you stay at Noor Mahal.

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