NOORMAHAL, A Five Star Luxury Hotel


  • In the mystical land of Mahabharata, the awe-inspiring NoorMahal, The “Incredible Indian Palace Hotel”, has been built on a monumental scale. The reflection & the flavor of Rajputana and Mughal architecture stands out as a true blend of History & Aesthetics. It is set amid lush green fields & a maze of canal networks.
  • Himmat Singh ji, the renowned architect from Delhi designed this palace. Mr. Nimish Patel, the famous architect from Gujarat vetted the basic layout & Architectural designs of NOORMAHAL.
  • The hotel is situated on the old course of river Yamuna traversing its way to Delhi. Karnal is a prosperous town named after the Legendary Hero of Mahabharata, King Karna. It is a historical a walled city town presently world famous for its Rice bowl i.e. Basmati industries, Research Institutions, Liberty , Oil Refinery besides major industry of Agriculture implements & Pharma Houses.
  • The entrance to the Palace hotel is through an Imposing lobby & its architecture is a synthesis of late Mughal & Rajasthani styles. The hotel has two courtyards laid out along the East- West axis.
  • The first courtyard is Deewan-e-Aam on the lobby level providing an access from all 4 sides & on First Floor a small doorway provides direct access to Deewan-e-Khas. It is surrounded by rooms & balconies with low jaalis & chajjas.
  • Leading off the lobby is the Imperial palace hotel complex spread out in 8 acres. In their originality of design, technical precision and the grand interactions of interiors of the royal F&B outlets inside the building are unparalleled in the history of Indian Palace design.
  • The bold & impressive “4 Hiran Minars or4 Golden towers“ stand 100 feet high with octagonal Chhatris at the 4 corners on top.

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